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Hello and welcome to Darren's private personal training and online personal training, I have been a personal trainer for over 15 years helping people achieve their desired fitness goals be it building muscle, losing weight and getting fit to getting the edge over their competitors, I have a life time of experience in many different sports at many different levels plus a world of knowledge in diet and nutrition. The personal training gym is based in Maldon Essex but I cover all the surrounding areas as well, have a look around the web site then contact me to see how I can help you.

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Online Personal Trainingonline persoan training

Welcome to what me and my clients consider to be the best online personal training program there is on the internet, if you’re looking for an online fitness coach that can give you everything you need and more in the way of achieving your fitness goals with a real hand in hand personal touch which never leaves you guessing or wondering if you’re doing things right to achieve your fitness goals then look no further and please take a few minutes out of your time to read on and find out more.



Let me tell you a little bit about myself and how I come to develop the online personal training system, but before we do I just want to tell you that this online personal training system has been designed hand in hand with me and my clients, nearly all other online personal training programs haven’t they have just been put together through the eyes of one or two trainers this system hasn’t it has been built through the eyes of many of my clients all at different levels and with different goals.
I have been a personal trainer for well over 10 years training clients for every level of fitness from losing weight, building muscle, strength training, all sorts of sports events running, cross fit, rowing, boxing you name it I have trained someone for it, I know work from my personal training gym here in Maldon Essex were I have a client base of over 40 clients, that might not sound like allot but believe me training to fit in 40 clients in a week can be a hand full…


Why Did I Build The Online Personal Training System


know the problem I’ve found over the year’s is that customers would ask me questions, some questions quite straight forward to answer and some with a more in-depth explanation, so a question might just be about nutrient timing on what foods are best to eat around your workouts and when to eat them quite a straight forward answer is given to this, but another question might be on insulin deficiency which can take a bit of time to explain, which is fine but eating into their workout time plus after they left my gym and when back to their everyday life they would tend to forget what we had talked about, I do say to my customers that if they have any questions email or text me the question and I will answer it for you but most of my client don’t like to they just wait until they see me.

Know you can imagine that if I sat down and wrote an answer to each and every one of my clients questions I would be forever emailing and texting hence the birth of my online personal training system.
So as well as all questions being answered when the customer asked me one I would also on the weekends have a big list of questions from other clients and make videos for them then write content and post them to a member’s area on my website for my customers to look at whenever they wanted so they didn’t have to worry too much every time they tried to remember the question they were asking about.



What The Online Personal Training System Has To Offer


free access

  • Full access to the entire online personal training membership site and system for FREE!! for a full 7 days, the only restrictions are that you cant ask for any workout videos or informational videos to be done for you within that time period of 7 days other than that you have complete access to the online training system, if you don’t wish to have the FREE 7 day access then right from day one you can ask for workouts and informational videos to be done for you.


  • Full Workout Data Base: every sort of workout weight loss, fitness, cardio, strength, muscle building, workout programs from beginner to advance the list goes on, plus how to construct your own workouts from the online system.


  • Requesting Workouts And Information Or Asking Questions: You can request workouts for yourself or information anything that might not on the system that you want to know about plus if you’re not sure about anything all you have to do is contact me and I will answer your question or sort out whatever the issue might be.


  • Full Exercise Demonstration Library: Hundreds of demonstration videos for all body parts plus other videos on exercising and working out.


  • Everything You Need To Know About Nutrition: Macronutrients, micronutrients, different food and what they are good for plus a lot more.


  • Everything You Need To Know About The Body: How to make it work for you along with your nutrition and training along with loads more videos on about the body.


  • Forum: Were you can chat with other clients about your experience’s or read other people’s fitness journey plus loads of other topics.


  • Full Recipe Library: Breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, desserts, vegan, smoothies, protein shakes etc.


  • Built Hand In Hand By Me And My Clients.


  • No Pressure Of Trying To Remember What I’ve Asked You To Do Away From The Personal Training Sessions As Everything Is Logged On A Data Base You Can Access 24-7 Anywhere In The World.


And so the online training system grew then customers started to ask for workouts to be posted that was tailored for them to do when they weren’t training with me, I would always tell me customers or give them workout sheets for them to do when they were on their own but found this wasn’t good enough or clear enough for them to follow.


So I would design personal training sessions were they would just workout from home with very little gym equipment, full body workouts, gym workouts, cardio workouts, hundreds of demonstration videos on how to do the exercises properly, beginner home and gym workout programs, breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, dessert recipes videos about the body and how to make it work for you along with your nutrition and training, videos on everything you need to know about nutrition the list goes on…


Know with the system in place when I get someone contacting me for personal training at my gym instead of putting them onto a long waiting list if I can’t fit them in for training due to the time slot they want is taken, I give them the option to join the online training system so they still have me being their personal trainer and benefitting from my years of knowledge and experience, then if a training slot comes up they are miles ahead on the learning curve in their fitness journey, I even get it were the online client is so happy with just using the system they stay using the online training system because it works so well.


The Best Thing About The Online Training System 


But the best thing with the online training system is that it teaches you to self-dependent on designing your own workouts, not that you have to you can just use the workouts that are in the online workout area and request new workouts from me, that’s what’s so beautiful about my online personal training system that no other system has, if you can’t see something you want to know about or you want a workout designed for you then all you do is ask and I will do it for you, if you have any questions or are not too sure about something all you do is ask me and I will answer them for you there isn’t another online personal training out there that does that personal touch they just have set online fitness training programs that you will follow and if they don’t suite you or you want to adjust them slightly then you’re stuck!


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